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I'm a self-deprecating bad pun generator.

Howdy, my name is Wayne Keller and this is my interweb portal for pretentious posturing.

Among other things, I'm a lifelong bicycle community/ lifestyle soapbox stander, singin' the friendly, encouraging praises of two wheeled advocacy throughout community events & organizations. I have a deep-rooted urge to rescue unloved bicycles and like to participate in almost every variant of bicycle related activities. Currently I roam between being a consistent top finishing racer in cyclocross, to a skatepark loiterer stuck in the eighties (Uncle Rico), to being an adamant commuter on the most questionable bikes available. I always advocate creative (and sometimes destructive) solutions to everyday (non) issues that usually involves welders and reciprocating saws. For "cultural" contributions, I'm a sci-fi book nerd and vinyl record hoarder (Original, not re-issued mind you, New Order singles). Clearly, I'm also an accomplished humble bragger.

Need more info? Let me elaborate...

My Latest Blatant Posturing & Degenerational Turpitude...

2018 FLCX mid-season thoughts, photos and mental realignment 

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Smiles for miles, that’s the program this year….that and non-standard ensembles. U23 beast, Thomas & I dramatically gunnin’ for the Cat3 mid-pack line. photo: Kelly Pinheiro


Sooo much fun this season.. I mean, still racin’ crazy hard … just differently.  This year marked an attempt to completely re-evaluate why I ride bikes and how to make the best karmic use of my time.

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Tour De Flagler redux, We Ride For Pete 

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Friendship and camaraderie are strong in these parts. Local hero and darn cool guy, Pete Rose decided to get all busted up, go for a helicopter ride to the hospital and really tried to have multiple spleens (much to his his spleen’s distress). 

The local crowd of ruffians, troublemakers and also some genuinely nice folks got together for a benefit ride to help Pete out with his insane medical bills and general lack of excitement since he’s been laid up at his folk’s place. 

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Me & Other Me…… Graham Swamp 360, Florida MTB Endurance Race Prep and Dramatic Hyperbole 

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Blam! Pete Rock blastin’ the road gap near the finish of the Graham Swamp 360 six hour endurance race.

Me and Other Me… the internal debate about not being a lazy sod. So a bit more than a few weeks ago, my good buddy & Florida MTB legend, Pete Rose, leaves a rather innocuous voice message to the tune of “Hey man, are you doin’ the 6hr MTB race at Graham Swamp?”

I had recently finished my silly cyclocross season and was not at all interested in putting in the effort to be remotely competitive against the insanely skilled coastal crusher crew of Flagler Beach. 

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Disappearing duds, mudbutt and awkward hand moments…Club Ride Mountain Short & Johnson InnerWear long term review 

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The Club Ride Mountain Surf short, designed for serious competition. East Orlando Cross Fest Singlespeed Eliminator, Dec. ’17. Photo by Hector Santiago

Have you ever had something so good that you forgot about it? Something that simply disappears because it functions so incredibly well? Shorts seem simple enough, I can’t really remember a bad pair (well, maybe those ragged cutoffs when Pops  “hung out” at family BBQ’s that left no mystery).

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Kickin’ it slideways into the Patrick Cup International tricycle furious finale. 

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Doin’ it like a Bruce, and he still wins the round. The 2017 Patrick Cup International. A world renowned celebration of merriment, misbehavior and mayhem,  is kickin’ it slideways into the year end finale. The mostly tricycle oriented tests of skin vs. ground resistance have proven to be the highlight of the Florida Cyclocross Series. 

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