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Cougars, Crashes, & Barber Chairs

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Halfway up the initial climb, (5,000’+ today) you can almost see our starting point at the ocean that’s hiding in the fog. Locals refer to this time of year as “June Gloom”, due to the heavy fog that blankets the area. Temps hover around low 50’s-65 down at the coast.

Resilient to frequent fires, the immense redwoods keep this area substantially dark and cool. This valley in particular will be 20+ degrees colder than nearby areas in the winter.

Evidence of rather large felines patrolling the forest.


…trying to be pitiful after pitching myself into manzanita deadfall branches a few times, with no rain until November, some rocky trails get quite loose and will not hesitate to launch the unitiated highside into the brush…way better alternative than poison oak though.

notice huge redwood log in background, I’m constantly amazed at the size of this immense sequoioideae

The digs for last few days…

This might be the coolest chair I’ve ever seen, it’s been my permanent perch lately.


Brilliant morning view from the throne of solitude.

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