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Yep. With the majority of the trails soaking in the darkness of dense redwood shadows, J. Normal is ’bout blinded by the harsh light on the loose, gravelrama landing chute. Leap of faith indeed.

With today promising more high velocity rock diving, I had the opportunity to ride the Ibis Mojo HD. Simply an astounding machine, 150mm of plush goodness and 2.5 Maxxis Minions help offset my complete lack of ability in this terrain. The Mojo eagerly charged through the innumerable rocky, rutted descents with a confidence grown from it’s brilliant engineering heritage.

Surprisingly enough, it also climbed nearly 2800′ of dusty switchbacks with nary a bob or wandering, ¬†testament to it’s perfect combination of dual pivot linkage and head angle/ fork offset balance. In all it’s greatness, the Mojo couldn’t save my pilot error as I decided to flop over directly in the the endless fog of poison oak that blankets the undergrowth. That should get interesting in a day or two.

J. Normal, Blazing.

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