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Dirt roller coaster of excellence

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Day 3. Soquel Demonstration State Forest. Demo Forest for short. Named for a cooperation between local logging industry and public land access where sections of the forest are “thinned” (rather than cleared) in a sustainable manner while maintaining trail system for hikers, bikes & equestrians.

Tenacious tendrils hang tough.


Mad Max gate

After considerable climbing and pondering of random detritus left out in the forest, once again we were rewarded with miles of rocky goodness at a severe downward pitch.

You’ll find some random stuff down in the valley


This does not even begin to show how gnarly this squeeze was….J. Normal tuckin’ it in tight blazin’ down one of the endless rocky battlefields, what you can’t see is how frickin’ steep this section was or the knee deep gully just to outside of the narrow line he’s taking . Skills.


bark vortex


This. In contrast the rock crusher beginning of the day we arrive at the legendary, aptly named Flow Trail. I’m just not able to communicate how insanely fun this was…but try to envision this:
Take a 30minute long BMX track, tilt it waaaay over, throw in immense redwoods, drop in, hang the fuck on. Huge over-vert, bobsled berms that squash your feet around the pedals due to severe compression, looooong mellow tabletop jumps, super quick chicane jumps where you’re completely changing direction in the air and desperately trying to dive into the next berm….and it just keeps going and going…your forearms are destroyed from the Kung fu grip necessary to hang on and the ear to ear grin just stays smeared across your face.
Old growth decimation.
pretty good indicator of lengthy descent

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