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2018 FLCX mid-season thoughts, photos and mental realignment

Saville Code = Blog Post
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Smiles for miles, that’s the program this year….that and non-standard ensembles. U23 beast, Thomas & I dramatically gunnin’ for the Cat3 mid-pack line. photo: Kelly Pinheiro


Sooo much fun this season.. I mean, still racin’ crazy hard … just differently.  This year marked an attempt to completely re-evaluate why I ride bikes and how to make the best karmic use of my time. We all started riding bikes for fun, I may have lost sight of that for a bit.

Uncouth exposure and questionable leaping technique chasing the current Florida State Road Champ, Marty Bates, at the 98° FLCX opener. Photo: Bike Minded

Among other things, this year I switched out of Masters 45+ to get the crap kicked outa’ me in Cat 3. Why?
For some mental gymnastics and self-deception of course. One of the many benefits of being an old fart is you begin to understand how your clunky ol’ mind operates . The challenge is to keep the racing mega-fun and pedal like mad, but not to the point of beating myself up if I didn’t get on the boxes or accumulate the points I needed to hold my position. Go race with a busted collarbone/ shoulder last year? Definitely, I needed the points…  Idiot, now my shoulder is persistently pounding.

More leaping, now with heckling. This part has a steep, sandy gully on the right that was perfectly sized to eat front wheels. Photo: Bike Minded
So yeah, Cat 3…. there’s zero chance of podium, which means it takes the mental  load off as I duke it out mid-pack or form an impromptu geezer gruppetto. Still racin’ just as hard,  but watching the superstar front pack ride away doin’ their thing. Love it.
Brian Collie kept the pressure on the entire time as we form the geezer gruppetto at one of our Seussian Florida golf course races. Photo: Kelly Pinheiro
Secondly,  it’s a usually a larger wave, which at times equates to some entertaining elbow/ shoulder jive racing action through a number of laps. Around here, simply due to attendance,  the Masters wave would normally get all strung out by lap 3-4 so you’re just cruising around a field by yourself.
Skimming the edges during singlespeed on the 94 Cannondale Delta-V. You just don’t need all that spandex & cabon,  you just don’t. Photo: Bike Minded
Thirdly, because Cat 3 and singlespeed are usually scheduled back to back or an hour apart in the afternoon, it frees up my entire morning to do my photo thing:  blurry shots aplenty of the cool cat Masters, the superstrong women, Cat4/5 and the jammin’ juniors. See plenty of said craptastic shots at the bottom of this article.
Bird chests unite! Goosebumps and lack of sweat in the 98° afternoon is testament to heat stroke normality of Florida CX. Photo: Bike Minded

With the newfound method to trick my brain into relaxing a bit, I can now partake in more standard issue goofballery: actually taking handups, flexing for the camera or just generally being a dork.

Oooopsie, I may have bumped the Four Loco handup and launched it onto Jemma (Bike Minded) Hornblower. Longtime bud and tough-as-nails competitor, Scott Atkins brought his race face and time trial toughness. Photo :DC.. still can’t believe he caught this moment


Pit Boss. Mid-pack champs right here y’all. Photo: Bike Minded
So yeah, the mental realignment seems to be working. At the moment I’m about 12 races deep, I’m pedaling like mad, takin’ a metric crap-ton of blurry photos (below) , constantly darting about in the pits inciting light-duty mayhem and I couldn’t care less about the rankings. Keep it fun y’all.

Four links of said 187 blurry photos  in four galleries below as I try to catch the unique vibe that only Florida ‘Cross can offer. If link fumbles, log into your Facebook acct. and try again




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