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Every ride doesn’t have to be a ball buster…Tiger Bay State Forest multi-strata easy day

Saville Code = Blog Post
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Every ride doesn’t have to be a ball buster…as much as the chest puffers may object, there is intrinsic value in a slow day. After a few consecutive tough rides with the young guns, three of us ol’ timers declined on storming the adjacent town’s “A” ride (where charging through a red light is considered a breakaway)…..leave that to the young guns.

Instead, we went to explore Tiger Bay, one of the numerous state forests we have available and planned on a easy day: no helmets, no kits (almost), no big rings, and plenty of chatter about new bike builds and craft beers. As if we haven’t heard enough about tire size, dropout spacing, alternative shifting methods , goal weight, and cassette choices……ad nosium, it’s still all we talk about…..and beer.

Florida legends both well versed in general purpose bad-assery, Curtis Eaby and Mark Titus are well known crushers here in the sweat lodge that is Florida. Takin’ an easy day was a tough sell, evident as Mark still felt it necessary to kit up. Curtis lining up on the launch point.

But slowing down a bit definitely has it’s merits. We never would have have seen this rather Seussian forest otherwise. Continuing for about a block, theories swarmed about the cause of this pine peculiarity. Thoughts?

Power trippin’ amongst the iron giants, vivid skies as the lines buzz overhead. Standard issue Florida scrubland for miles.

As the highlight of the morning, the rather elusive Lost Highway was found. Very cool indeed to find ancient meandering brick road through the forest.

Fashion purist and sunglasses aficionado, Curtis indicating the questionable road names affixed to the this part of the 27,000+ acre Wildlife Management Area.

You don’t know what you don’t know. You may have lived in an area your entire life, but there may still be undiscovered riding right down the road. Get out there and explore.



One thought on “Every ride doesn’t have to be a ball buster…Tiger Bay State Forest multi-strata easy day

  1. I have seen the young curving pine trees in the forests before. My best guess is that they were blown over by strong winds from storms (micro bursts perhaps) when young, but still retaining a viable root system. As they continued to grow, they seek to regain their original vertical stance. Thus forming the sweeping upward curve.

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