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Orlando, Florida Airport Time Trial Race Series #3 with clear skies, cold beer and, oddly, a kickass BBQ recipe

Saville Code = Blog Post
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August 15, 2017 marked the third race of the Orlando, Florida Airport Time Trial Race Series presented by Orlando Runners and Riders and plenty of positive barley vibes to imbibe from Orange County Brewers. For the previous race report, please see the original post here.

Unlike the previous month, this evening race presented clear skies, cool weather and a chance to actually get a proper warmup. This resulted in some amazing times with riders able to properly focus on the seven mile route.

At the moment, we are all digging out of the melee created by Hurricane Irma, which gracefully gyrated her grandiose girth right through our normally calm state. On that note, we will cut the chatter and get to the point (pointy helmets anyway).

James Scianimanico  does it all, from running BMX tracks, to racing BMX World Champs, to winning the 2016 20k Time Trial Series. Now he’s on the comeback trail after an altercation with a car last December. Always positive and progressing… we all could take a lesson. The bike has a sordid past. Allegedly just a handful were made and promptly banned by the UCI after a similar one was (maybe) ridden disguised as a Trek by Lance at the 2001 TDF.

It appears that beards are the new aero technology as all of the scruffy gents were clocking record times. See also: Jeff Mishtawy at bottom.

At the end of the longest seven miles, you are completely spent, wheezing in a hypoxic haziness, Pavlovian slobbering at the thought of finally finishing. These cats were all in the 15 minute range…darn near 30mph average… Absolutely awe inspiring to see in person.

The Eddy Merckx division podium with Florida Legends Jeff Binford and Michael Sarricchio.. and some yahoo who just left the rodeo. Photo cred: Kyle Markel of Kyle’s Bike Shop, major supporter of most Orlando bike events.

Leaving a trail of destruction behind him, junior racer Luis Castro absolutely obliterated his run and his competitors. Photo: @Chip Riggs

BBQ badass, skillet collector, and IMSA race car inspector, Jeff Mishtawy with the 2017 National Track Champ, Nate Rogut lurking..

The hurricane does have a few positive impacts on the community, among them is cleaning out the freezer for a neighborhood BBQ bash. Jeff Mishtawy did just that and also has shared his family secret brisket recipe, so get grillin’!

  • Take 6-8 lb brisket with fat cap trimmed to about 3/8” rinsed and patted dry.
  • Coat with yellow mustard then with this dry rub : coarse salt/coarse pepper/onion powder/garlic powder/a pinch of very finely ground coffee and brown sugar
  • Set the smoker at 225deg and place the brisket fat side up (much debate about this but just my preference). Mesquite adds a lot here for the first 3-4hours and helps build a good smoke ring.
  • NO PEEKING! Opening the smoker will not help the bark form. Once you get past the stall and the internal temp hits 185deg, wrap it up in unwaxed butcher paper (or foil if that’s all you got) and return to the smoker until it hits 203deg.
  • Pull it off, wrap the all up in a blanket and put it in an empty cooler. Close the lid and let it sit for an hour to 90 minutes.
  • Open that bad boy up, slice it AGAINST THE GRAIN in 1/4” slices, drizzle the juices from the paper/foil wrap on it and ENJOY!
Final tip: in order to properly watch the thermometer and handle the process, Jeff suggests drinking Angels Envy bourbon on the rocks.
The next race is Tuesday evening, Sept. 19, details here. Official race results can be found here

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