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Wolf Tooth Gnar Wolf chain guide, Drop Stop 1X chainwheel & bling for cyclocross vessel build-up

Saville Code = Blog Post
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Our second stop (first stop here) for this season’s 2017 cyclocross Cannonade SuperX cyclocross vessel using the brilliant Wolf Tooth Drop Stop 1X chainring, Gnar Wolf chain guide and a lil’ bling, including anodized chainwheel bolts, stem spacers and ultra lightweight topcap with built in spacers. So sano.

More info here:www.wolftoothcomponents.com

Plus sneak peek at Fernery Cross Training Ground, right here in the armpit of Florida.

So sano. Wolf Tooth Ultralight Stem Cap with Integrated Spacer

Full disclosure: Wolf Tooth products were purchased at full retail price, then partial refund was applied later.

Rad plaid clothing was graciously provided by Club Ride,  you don’t have to wear billboard spandex all the freakin’ time ya’ know.

Crankin’ song: The Cramps, How Far Can Too Far Go? link here:

Who knew cicadas could be so needy?

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