Welcome my resources page. Here I'll share insight, opinions and resources that have worked (or not) throughout the years. This will be all over the map but mostly centered around maniacal nutritional servitude, completely obsessive and abusive equipment testing, questionable mechanical alterations, endless self-flagellation training/ fitness beatdown marathons along with diverse music opinions and random stuff that I find interesting. I recommend adding this page to your bookmarks for convenient future reference.

Skratch Labs

Skratch Labs

My Go To for nutrition & hydration supplements AND overall info on fueling my ride torn body. With family friendly cookbooks to all natural ingedients, Skratch Labs have always helped me achieve my goals. In my opinion these guys are doing it right!

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Cannondale Bicycles

Cannondale Bicycles

From my early 90’s MTB now turned ironic, yet amazingly capable singlespeed slayer cyclocross crusher, to my current CX geared bike of choice, Cannondale’s rides have always had a sweet spot for me. With a ceaseless drive to defy convention and the audacity to scoff at the accepted norm, Cannondale bikes always seem to be the “go-to”  for most occasions.

Drool over some cool bikes

Wolf Tooth Components

Wolf Tooth Components offer made in the USA reliability, brilliant engineering and simply rad style. If you’re not moving forward, well….you know. Trust the good stuff.

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Gevenalle shifters, derailleurs and accessories

With proven dependability, performance, and affordability, Gevenalle shifters, derailleurs and accessories blatantly bring brilliant concepts to reality. Race proven, Goat approved, go against the mainstream, get Gevenalle.

Race proven, Goat approved, get Gevenalle. 

SMP saddles

After years of backside testing, Selle SMP saddles offer the best comfort for my bum. Crash tested durability, non-numbing support and rad looks, SMP goes on the whole fleet.

Treat your backside to comfort

Serfas Tires

With the stacks of tires I’ve been through, Serfas  always end up on the fleet. They simply offer reliability, easy setup and mega traction in any condition.That’s all I need.

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