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Kickin’ it slideways into the Patrick Cup International tricycle furious finale.

Saville Code = Blog Post
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Doin’ it like a Bruce, and he still wins the round. The 2017 Patrick Cup International. A world renowned celebration of merriment, misbehavior and mayhem,  is kickin’ it slideways into the year end finale. The mostly tricycle oriented tests of skin vs. ground resistance have proven to be the highlight of the Florida Cyclocross Series. (yep, it exists). Here’s a few shots of this year’s throwdowns, more to come after the final showdown this weekend.

For previous Patrick Cup reporting, see this.

When you realize that this may not have been the best decision. Kyle Long, sweet solo victory.

Florida Hometown Hero, 2016 National CX Champ and a heckuva’ Big Wheel pilot…… only Ryan Woodall would kit up for a tricycle race.

Not unlike the fabulous John Perez who brought his Sunday best for serious steez. Don’t be hatin’.

Flip flop flyer Darla Woodall caught the eye of one of the legendary Legg clan who continue to dominate all things sporting.

Serious focus face activated by Mr. Matchey Matchey Coleman during the furious final fight at Spooky Cross, Orlando.

Potato smuggling at Ludicrous Speed, Cory Lippel is not fearing the Reaper. (check his IG)

It’s gonna hurt but still be supah-mega-fun, Thomas “Man Bun” Barbazuk, embarking on some improvised landscaping.

The little Legg again, leading out the semi-final drop in. Woodall checkin’ his Garmin.

The Grand Finale of Foolishness will fire off at the Wicked Awesome Racing CX-MAS jam in Brooksville, Fl Dec. 16-17. We’ll have a followup report on that fo’ sho’. You can follow all the carnage on FB here: Patrick Cup International , keepin’ ‘cross weird.

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