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questionable DIY commuter bike skateboard rack

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With my ever-growing assortment of senseless accouterments for my commuter vessel, I wanted to add a quick-n-dirty way to transport my ol’ skateboard around. A questionable DIY bike camping style skateboard rack is born.

The amazingly  versatile and capable Sunlite QR front rack whose weight rating has been far exceeded on a number of occasions (60lbs of luggage for 80 miles, transporting teenager kids to and fro etc) forms the foundation for most of the garbola that I hang on the bike.

Rarely working with a plan, I dug around the junkpiles for some steel rod, maybe 3/16” or so, and bent it to wrap around the board’s edge.

Notice the hasty witness mark, which is supposed to be the halfway point .


Now the fun stuff, zapping the two ends together to complete the loop.

By sheer chance it appears remotely symmetrical.

Scratching my head about a low profile mount  to get a little structure for the attachment without struts and braces.

A bit of angle and random nut volunteered for the job.

The nut slides up the rack strut and the angle (sort-of) lines up with QR axle.

It has enough tension to snugly hold the board with an elastic strap at the top truck. Initial ride-around-the yard test reveals no rattles or board dismemberment. Traffic test tomorrow.

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