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Doing it wrong, the elusive Wheelchair in The Den of Solitude

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This one, the Wheelchair, always seemed so close…. never quite got it, eons of scuffing around scorching parking lots searching for the ever elusive balance point. “Get the Balance Right” indeed. (80’s synth cheese pop warning)

November 7, 2007, long haired hippie galoot barely rollin’ in the Den of Solitude. After years of dreaming about an indoor place to ride and do my music stuff, the D.O.S. became a reality. As a bonus, the kids now had a place to hang out, ride their assorted wheeled toys, and set incrementally increasing intergalactic pogo stick records.  Miles of chalk roads were drawn on those floors. Photo by Chip Riggs

Don’t call it a man cave. The Den of Solitude in it’s full panoramic splendor. Photo by Chip Riggs

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